My favourite pieces

I love meeting people. I love hearing a good story too. And I’ve been told I’m really good a pulling a story out of even the shiest person. Here are some of my favourite stories. I hope you like them.

Financial Times
FT Masterclass: drone racing with the FT

The Guardian
How the internet still fails disabled people

How the internet of things can prevent or help you get pregnant

What’s it like for a small business when your website get hacked?

When the UK goes ‘digital by default’ who will be left behind?

I’m a PERSON named London NOT the city

Is Brixton London’s next tech hipster hub?

FBI investigate Russian hacking

Should we be concerned about Placemeter

Map some noise: how your smartphone can help tackle city sound pollution

Caribbean World
*cover story* Futurist airline design

Tomorrow’s World

Tomorrow’s World 2

Dulwich Diverter