Tech just isn’t for techies: Facebook geography, #MetGala and Periscope fight

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Favourite byte
If you’ve ever tried to ‘check-in’ using Facebook and it thinks you’re in a completely different place – sometimes miles away from where you are – then you’ll understand the frustration of the Gotland’s residents in Sweden. According to Facebook the island just off the mainland of Sweden is in Norway, just north of Oslo.

“It’s ridiculous,” said Ulrica Fransson Ingelmark, editor of the Gotlands Allehanda newspaper, which first reported the bug.

“It’s been weeks since companies and private persons got a new address in Norway, and we talked about it a lot on the island, and nothing changed, and then we wrote about it, and now it’s a viral success, and Facebook still hasn’t changed it.”

The resident are concerned about tourism, saying they don’t have the fjords. Julia Bendelin who works for an advertising agency on the island said: “Give us back our island!”

Lots of bytes
How Internet mapmakers are helping Nepal. Teens who sexit could be charged as sex offenders. Your weekly shop just got easier with the internet. Los Angeles continues to become the next Silicon Valley with Snapchat signing a 10 year lease in Venice. A Chinese tech company has pulled an ad wanting to hire ‘sexy’ women to motivate their coders. You can now give someone ‘the finger’ with this emoji. Perhaps these women could use it. Check out this guide if you want more info on any emoji your heart’s desire. What to do when you have lots of Twitter followers and you aren’t famous. If you want to run for politics, make sure you buy your domain namePeriscpe is the real winner in boxing. Don’t let the government run your life. I always have a tech-free Saturday, maybe you should too. And I couldn’t ignore the Met Gala, will it save Yahoo!?

End byte
And just for kicks watch a Lego Star Destroyer be smashed at 1,000FPS.

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