My digital detox fail

It’s 8pm on Friday. I turn my mobile off and hide my laptop under the bed. I plan to go the entire weekend without looking at either one. This will be my first digital detox. Something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time, considering I’m part of the average population who looks at their mobile at least 80 times a day. I feel invigorated. I tell myself I’m going to get so much done this weekend – and read a book – instead of mindlessly flicking between Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and the Daily Mail column of shame.

Saturday turns out to be nasty day. It’s raining. It’s cold. It’s just miserable. And when you have a two-year-old indoors all day, it can be hell. So I decide to check my weather app to see when the weather clears. I turn on my mobile, and straight away I see that I have three missed messages from my friend organising a playdate for next weekend. I message her back, then she messages me back. In the middle of waiting for her to respond, I flick through Facebook and Twitter. In the midst of this, I completely forget that I turned on my mobile to see the weather. To be honest, I didn’t even realise I was doing it. I just swiped my thumb to the next screen and touched the app.

I’ve read that the best way to do a digital detox is to delete all social media apps. And while this sounds easy, I’m still hesitant – probably because I really am addicted to Facebook and Twitter – and I don’t end up doing it. Instead I turn my mobile off again. This time I make it until Sunday afternoon. That’s when my neighbor tells me that the national press has picked up on a story in the local area. Straight away I’m on my computer, reading through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Huge fail. MASSIVE FAIL.

And although I’ve failed, I’m pleased that I learned about this story from talking to my neighbour and not from my social media addiction. I’m going to try to detox again next weekend. I’ll keep you posted …

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