Kerv: contactless payment ring

davOh wearable tech … All the hype! All my problems solved. Even the ones I didn’t know I had. Emails on my wrist. Count my calories. Take my blood pressure. Help me sleep. Wake me up sslloowwly. All the plastic. And all in landfills – eventually.

Admission – I don’t own any wearble tech. And I’ve never accepted the freebies either. Cheap plastic, I’ve always thought. Give me something real. Something that I want to wear. Whatever that may be, I don’t know.

Then last week at the Wearable Tech Show – I saw it – finally something I MAY just wear. My eyes sparkled. A ring. One that looked expensive. Felt expensive. One that made me think: “Yes! I could use that!”.

And you know what, I almost bought it – almost …

It was a ring. One by Kerv. It’s a contactless payment ring. It links to a prepaid Mastercard account. It can be used to buy coffee, a newspaper, or anything under £30.

Second admission – I wouldn’t have looked twice at this a year ago. But why my change of heart? Having a baby.

Have you ever tried pushing a pram on a bus, and then dropping an Oyster card? What about rummaging around a purse for a couple pounds to buy a much needed coffee? This is my life EVERDAY. So yes, this little ring could make my life easier.

So why didn’t I buy it? I decided the technology is too new. There are going to be kinks. They may even make it better – like link directly to my current account. Which wasn’t completely unfounded on my part. Hours after the ring launched, it shut for a system update. Not so handy then …

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