I only use travel apps

I regularly use eight London mobile travel apps. I tap them all regularly – at least once a week. And my mobile usage stats concur. I use travel apps more than Facebook – shock! Which got me thinking, how did I survive crossing London prior to owning a smartphone? Well, I got lost … a lot!

But I’m quite an odd one. The average person uses two travel apps according to CWT Travel Management, with only 14% of people using more than five.

So what am I using:

Bus CountDown – I used to stand at a bus stop and wait. And wait. But I never walked away. If I invested time, I was getting on the bus! Walking would be giving up. Surrendering to TfL.

Citymapper – Because you can’t exactly get from point A to point B without it!

National Rail – Unfortunately, I live in Southern rail territory. Thank you strikes.

Google Maps – See, above. I get lost … a lot!

Then all the taxi apps. Well, because you have to compare prices – and sometimes they’re all booked up! Uber, Addison Lee, Greentomato, and Gett. I really love Gett. It’s my new favourite app. Hail a black cab from your mobile. They never get lost, and they don’t take you down a wrong street!

Not to mention when I go abroad, this adds to my app usage – XE Currency is invaluable. Google Translate – coffee in any language – and TripIt because who has time to print off all those confirmation emails?

Give my travel apps up for a day – maybe. A week – never!

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