Samsung wireless audio 360 speaker

Samsung 360Last night I went to the launch party for Samsung New Wave. The typical party – tech journalists flown in from throughout Europe, given lots of alcohol, nice hotel room, etc. Though what I’m finding interesting is the amount of fashion bloggers invited to these events. It seems that ever since Apple made friends with Vogue, the entire tech industry wants to make friends with fashion. It’s quite amusing to see very pretty (usually blonde) girls with gobs of lipstick mixing with the very casual techies. Maybe that’s the answer to more women being interested in technology – mix them with fashion journalists? Ha! Maybe not.

So back to Samsung 360, it’s basically a speaker that propels music throughout the entire room. So wherever you are, you can hear the music. I’m not sure I like the design, it looks like a Fabridge egg, as one of the demonstrated said to me, but I do like how it’s completely wireless. For example, put your iPad safely in your room, speaker outside and have a barbeque.

London based garage duo, Gorgon City said: “Playing through the Wireless Audio 360 speakers was wicked. This is a great piece of kit for people who love music and are we have enjoyed being part of the launch.”

Is this revolutionary, quite possibly not, but I do like the concept of a small mobile speaker that’s able to produce near professional sound quality.

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