Tech just isn’t for techies: Verona, Uber and drones

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Verona is a new Tinder style app that aims to make love matches between Israelis and Palestinians. Singletons log into the app using Facebook and identify themselves as Israeli or Palestinian and are then matched with the opposite. Users then swipe right if they like someone, left if they don’t, and if the two match, they can start chatting and potentially meet.

“I very much believe that the basis of any relationship is communication,” founder Matthew Nolan told Refinery29. “So if these two cultures are forced to be separate in all this conflict, forming relationships between them could be the glue that hopefully ignites a shift in consciousness.”

Lots of bytes
Who are the modern day Yuppies, and will we ever get rid of them? Think Uberdrives make a lot of money, think again, but their bosses do. This app can help taxidrivers earn more. Kim Kardashian’s selfie book isn’t expected to sell any copies. Learn how to get a woman’s attention over the internet. Pilots want civilian dronesto have stricter flying laws. 42% of Tinder users aren’t single! Instagram found the owner of a diamond encrusted Cartier watch. You can get a gold Apple watch for a fraction of the cost. Want to film the police? What it’s really like at Tech Crunch Disrupt. Soon you could use your smartphone to scan your blood for parasites.

(Don’t get on Kanye West’s bad side!)
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And just for kicks, check out these cats who have smelled the catnip a bit too much.

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