Tech just isn’t for techies: The Kardashians, Monica Lewinsky and Silicon Valley celebrities

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Who owns our social media? Is social media meant to be owned by corporations, people or brands? This week The Guardian started this debate by listing the people who own the UK’s cities Twitter handles.

London, for example, is not owned by the city, but avatar fashion designer based in Texas. Gloucester is owned by Kevin Burge who loves his city and regularly tweets and answers questions about it.

“I’m passionate about Gloucester, and want to tell people how good Gloucester is.” Kevin only had second thoughts about using the Twitter handle once, and that was during the riots in 2011. “People were tweeting, let’s smash up @Gloucester, and I didn’t want the police to think it was me tweeting,” he said.

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Read this to find out if your emails are being tracked. This for medical record hacking. And this if you suspect your computer. Dell want your data from Tesco. Passwords, passwords and passwords! But it’s not all bad, use this to translate love. How dare you Comcast. Brits are worried about artificial intelligence. This is how much social media is worth. Monica Lewinksy cares about cyber bullying, but does Ted Cruz? These women are making a career from it. Ain’t no Cloud mishap for Taylor SwiftSilicon Valley celebrities. Crush Apple. Amazon may have their way on delivery drones.

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And just for kicks, The Kardashians become even more fake. And because I just found it so interesting, learn about the career of an LA paparazzi.

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