Tech just isn’t or techies: that French Guy, electric motorcycle racing, Artificial Intelligence and much more

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Favourite byte
Jerome Jaree is a Vine sensation. He’s ‘that French Guy’ who makes six second videos watched by his eight million followers. His videos are full of hugs and full of laughs, and have caught the attention of celebrities around the world, including Ellen DeGeneres.

This week Jerome released a YouTube video in which a big advertising agency offers him a $1 million contract to promote a brand which he only revealed only to be “an unhealthy food product”. He turned down the contract telling his followers that he didn’t come to New York City (he only arrived in 2013 with $400 in his pocket) to promote unhealthy food. Instead what he’s discovered since creating Vine videos is that his purpose in life is to help other people find their purpose.

He told the New York Times: “The reason we all go to the cinema, or online, is because we haven’t found a purpose yet. We are always wondering why we’re here. But I’ve learned that we have to create that purpose for ourselves.” […] “My purpose,” he said, “which I finally found thanks to social media, is helping all of these people find their purpose.”

Jerome ends his YouTube video with: Be Brave. Believe in yourself. Do what you think it right. Take risks. You have this one life. Make yourself proud.

Lots of bytes
What do you think about electric motorcycle racing – what about at 400mph? I wish I had an invitation to ‘This’, if only so that I could find good links faster. Maybe if I had a robot, I wouldn’t need the invitation. But I mustn’t worry; Artificial Intelligencewill never take over the human race, because robots can’t understand sarcasm. I do wish I could watch a film in a virtual-reality flight simulator. If that doesn’t work, scientists have made a working teleporter. In the meantime, I’ll find the cheapest way to travel around London. But hopefully will never need one of these 3D printed prosthetics. If you didn’t already know, selfies are a sin! But if you do take one, let this app tell you what to wear. And because I can’t get enough of drones, here’s another story.

End byte
And just for kicks, will the Apple watch be a necessity or novelty?

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