Tech just isn’t or techies: mannequins come alive, drones, Santa Claus and more

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The solution to drive consumers away from the internet and into retail spaces continues with the introduction of mannequins that are able to communicate with consumers. According to the NY Times, these lifeless creatures will soon be able to send text messages beaming images of their outfits to people 100 feet away. Jonathan Berlin who sells the mannequins with the electronic implant able to do this said: “We decided we had to work out a way to bring the good old-fashioned mannequin into the 21st century.”

Lots of bytes
2014 changed the way we saw the world because of dronesGloves could be the solution for fumbling around at the cash register for loose change. Learn how to convert your written notes into Word documents. And if you have allergies, there could be a cure funded by Napster.

Lots of bytes
And just for kicks, Santa Claus can now send a personalized video message to anywhere in the world almost instantly.

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