Back to school: you can now rent textbooks?

textbooksWhen I was at university, the first week was the most expensive of the year: parking stickers, tuition fees and of course textbooks. The textbooks were the killer, especially if you managed to get a lecturer who wanted you to buy every book on the subject, including their own. My worst semester is when I took two science courses and had to shell out about $500.

But times have changed. The interest has made it easier to get textbooks – faster and cheaper. Now students can rent textbooks from websites such as: or Apparently you can even write in the textbooks and highlight text. I’m not altogether sure how acceptable this is, so probably wouldn’t write an essay of reflection on a page, but good to know if you do a bit of note taking you can still send your book back.

And another plus, you’ll get rid of the textbooks. Unfortunately for my mother, most of my textbooks are still in her guestroom – never to be opened again.

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