New York Times: Despite a Pledge by Samsung, Child Labor Proves Resilient

mobile phoneI’ve never posted a link to an article on my blog before, but this is such an important story for the tech industry that it should be promoted and read by everyone who owns a ‘tech gadget’ or perhaps in my case has bought too many gadgets and have left them in a bedroom drawer to rot.

The article published in the NY Times today, describes the lives of three underage girls working in a Samsung factory in China. According to the girls the work is “grueling but tolerable” but have complained that they were “paid about $1.20 an hour because they had been hired by a middleman or “labor dispatch company.” A typical worker, they said, was paid $1.45 an hour. Labor rights activists say this is an increasingly common way factories reduce costs and skirt the labor laws” to hire workers who are too young and breach China’s labor laws.

It’s rare that I’ve read about young children working in technology factories, rather you hear about them working in clothing factories. Whenever I’ve seen pictures or footage of technology factories I’ve normally seen older workers doing quite intricate tasks that require some sort of qualification. Whatever these girls were doing in the factory is unknown, but it does make me think about where my ‘value price’ electronics are coming from.

To read more, please visit Despite a Pledge by Samsung, Child Labor Proves Resilient.

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