Restaurant review: Food for thought

Food for thoughtIt’s rare that a meal turns into an all-consuming experience of sights, sounds and tastes. But looking out the window at this gloomy Monday morning, I’m desperate to get back to Cornwall to listen to the waves, have a glass of crisp white wine and dine on the most delicious seafood curry I’ve ever had.

I’ve never written a restaurant review before, and I quite possibly will never write one again, but my time at Food for thought in Fowey last week made me realise just how very few times I’ve had a meal where everything just clicked – the music, lighting, host, ambiance and food – to create an experience I’m still reminiscing about five days later.

It started with a calves liver amuse-bouche along with olives and bread, and then a Goan seafood curry with turbot, mussels, prawns, cod, scallops and calamari and came with spicy crab Basmati rice with coriander, cumin, chili and turmeric. The host commented that no one ever orders the curry as it’s not something diners want in Cornwall. What a mistake. The fish itself was tender and soft, while the prawns still had a bit of bite. The star of the dish, the rice, had more crab than anything else making it filling, warm and full of flavour.

I ended with crème brulee and a dessert wine. Initially I ordered the cheapest on the list (which I believe was an Italian Muscat), although I really wanted the £10 glass of Tokaj, but couldn’t stretch to spending that much on 100ml of wine. After tasting the wine, the host asked me what I thought about it. I told him it was ‘Okay, and fine’ which he responded with: ‘I’ve got something even nicer in the back that’s not even on the menu’. He then returned with a bottle of Sauternes and said I’d enjoy it much more – which I did – topping off a fantastic evening and lovely holiday.

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