Do Twitter Ads work: the £10 challenge

AdvertisingDo any of those promoted Twitter accounts or Tweets actually increase your digital engagement and drive people to your website to increase sales? I decided to launch a £10 challenge to find out.

I used my most popular blogs as promoted Tweets and then added key words such as start-ups and entrepreneurs, and targeted the UK to promote my account. I then capped my advertising at £2 a day with a 50p bid rate. I know that according to Twitter Ads this is extremely low, but I wanted to see what happened with little investment of my money and time.

Initially I saw a huge increase in the amount of visitor to my website. I must admit, it was exciting to see a spike in my Google Analytics graph from my targeted group, but then after my initial excitement, my audience started to tail off. I was still getting more hits than I did before using Twitter Ads, but I definitely saw a plateau after the initial spike.

So what happened after my £10 investment? According to my analysis report from Twitter, my blogs received over 44,000 impressions, 194 clicks and I got 29 new followers. Of these new 29 followers, I lost the majority of them after about a day, so I wouldn’t call them ‘engaged’ followers’, but I am impressed with the amount of clicks my blog received in addition to those who already regularly read my blog (which I assume is you, so thank you very much for doing so).

To fully measure if Twitter Ads work, I’m going to continue to do a £10 challenge every month. So continue to watch this space.

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